5 Reasons, Al Gore, Should Have Called It, Climate Change, Instead Of Warming

Anyone, who isn’t, either, in denial, or prioritizing a specific personal/ political agenda and/ or, self – interest, should be able to realize, and recognize, Climate Change, is a real, clear and present danger, and must be addressed, if we are to handle these challenges, risks, and ramifications, in a well – considered, timely manner! About two decades ago, when former, Vice President Al Gore, wrote, An Inconvenient Truth, he referred to the risk, to the sustainability of the planet, as Global Warming. If, instead, he called it, Global Climate Change, deniers, and political opportunists, such as President Donald Trump, would be unable, to point to, periods of extreme cold, as proving, what they refer to, as a hoax! The reality, according to the overwhelming majority of the scientists, and experts, is, the concept is not only real, but a true danger, to the future of the planet, and, therefore, our future generations! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 key reasons, this is such an essential, timely manner, which we need to consider, with our eyes – wide – open, and in a well – considered, planned, timely, focused, manner, before it’s too late!

  1. Severity of storms: Over the past decade, we have witnessed, a huge up – tick, in the severity of a variety of storms, including, hurricanes, snow storms, tsunamis, ocean surges, etc. Is this, coincidental, or an omen? Storms, which used to be called, 50 – year storms, are occurring on a far more consistent, frequent manner! Since, these are considered, related to changing climates, they don’t automatically, translate, always, to warmer weather, although, overall, our planet, is warming!
  2. Frequency: We’ve witnessed, far more frequent storms, and threatening, weather conditions, throughout the world. These have often, been, far more devastating, and destructive, as well, as we’ve previously witnessed!
  3. Overall weather patterns: Huge snow storms/ blizzards, in Montana, etc, in September, close to 90 degree weather in the Northeast, at that time of year, more and more melting at the Earth’s poles, etc, indicate, a significant degree of overall, weather pattern changes!
  4. Unusual temperatures: Temperature extremes, at both, the upper, and lower ends, has become, the norm! These patterns, potentially, threaten, the sustainability of our planet!
  5. Raising sea levels: In the past decade, or two, we’ve witnessed, far more, melting, of the polar icebergs, and, the overall sea levels, have raised, significantly! Projections are, in the next 20 years, areas, where over 13 million Americans, presently live, will become uninhabitable, because of this!

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